What are the best ideas for a memorable Bachelor Party?

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Memorable Bachelor party

Considered to be the groom's last night of freedom, bachelor parties are a must have for soon to be husbands. It is a chance for men to bond together as they bid single life goodbye. Usually, it is the best man or the male siblings of the groom that plan a bachelor party. The party is often full of surprises and pranks all aimed at giving the groom-to-be a time of his life! Bachelor party can be traced back to the 5th century B.C. Ancient Spartans were known to hold celebrations for the groom the last night before his wedding. The Spartans who were all soldiers would hold a respectable dinner and toast to the groom. Initially, the term bachelor simply referred to a student with a bachelor’s degree or a young knight. Later in the 14th century, Geoffrey Chaucer used the term bachelor to refer to an unmarried man. This is the meaning behind the popular modern day bachelor party. However, it was not until 1960 that bachelor parties became part of our culture. Initially, it was considered a women's way of demonstrating their feminine freedom. Women would enjoy themselves, toast some drinks and enjoy some male entertainers.

When planning a bachelor party, how far before the wedding should it be held? Typically, bachelor parties are held two weeks or a week to the wedding. However, there is no fixed time as to when the party should be held. It could be any time before the wedding as long as it’s not the last night before the wedding. The party is aimed at pampering the bride to be. It should thus be held early enough to give her ample time to rest and prepare for her big day. Some factors that may influence the timing include availability of the attendees. It is all about convenience and having a good time together with the bride!

There is no other better way to have a memorable bachelor party than to hiring limo service. Limousines are associated with elegance and comfort; this is exactly what your guests will get. Besides being fun, hiring a limo enhances the safety of your guests. As they have a great time, guests are likely to indulge in some wine. After all, how else can you toast to the bride or groom to be? Your friends can enjoy to the maximum without worrying about how to get home later. Armed with an experienced chauffeur, you can rest assure that your friends will get home safe and sound. Limos offer door to door services thus your friends will indeed feel honored to have a chauffeur pick them at their doorstep. Better still; the same chauffeur will get them home after the party.

A limo will accommodate your guests be they many or few. Limos come in all sizes and designs to choose from. If you are dealing with a large number of guests for instance, you may opt for a limo party bus. A limo motor-coach could also house a large number of people. For a relatively smaller number of guests, a stretch limo will do just fine. It doesn't matter whether you are planning an outdoor activity with the boys or a spa treat with the girls. A limo will be suitable for every other event night parties inclusive. All you have to do is coordinate the venue with the chauffeur and he will be at your service. You can then sit back and enjoy the moment!

A bachelor party comes once in your lifetime! The essence is to make the party as memorable as possible for the groom to be as well the guests. Make an event that can be remembered many years to come. A limo service will give the party the glamour it deserves. There are no better moments to capture on camera than the limo moments. Guests can enjoy the ride as they are entertained by the finest features ever fitted in vehicles. Top notch entertainment systems ranging from deluxe audio systems to flat screens and high definition DVDs are available. The indoor lighting is adjusted to suit the mood of the party. Accompanied by comfy leather seating, you could mistake the vehicle for a lounge. You could even get a VIP red carpet if you wish! All you need is to voice your expectations.

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